Safeguard your digital journey

Safeguard your digital journey - IT security in Europe
The USA and Asia dominate the technology sector. In comparison, Europe is equally strong as Africa, that makes Europe a developing country from a technological perspective. This endangers Europe’s sovereignty and requires a drastic reform – from mere consumer to leading driver of innovation.

Our journey to protect digital assets began more than ten years ago when a handful of IT security enthusiasts implemented third-party IT security products and conducted penetration testing for customers.

Even then, most of the products used by our customers were from the United States. Over time, the threat landscape started to change and above all to speed up dramatically. The push for digitization, which was to trigger an unstoppable transformation, was imminent. The impending failure of prevention systems was already foreseeable.

For this reason, instead of continuing what had made us quite successful over the years, we have tried to break new ground. Our passion drove us to create a clear goal for what needed to be achieved.

Initial position

We wanted to look beyond and grasp the broader context of our upcoming challenges facing companies and IT. Before we put our idea into practice, we conducted an analysis. Our in-depth research of the origins of cybersecurity solutions revealed that the vast majority of vendors and products in this area also came predominantly from the USA or Israel. There was no significant IT security industry in Europe at that time.

Until then, companies simply had no choice but to use what was available. But Europe must not be reduced to a simple reseller of US technologies. Because if we are only customers and users, we lose sovereignty. Europe has always been a continent of innovation, a driver for technological progress. Over the decades, there has always been a choice between using European technology or technology from other continents. This freedom of choice creates independence. Only in this way is it possible to make a free decision and express one’s opinion if one does not agree with developments and products.

Technology made in Europe will shape the future we want for Europe

There is only one conclusion to be drawn: Europe needs to take back control. As a continent, we must regain our independence, define and set our own standards for technology and lead the way forward in developing new tools. In terms of technology, it is simply not an option to depend on other continents to provide us with such important tools for the future and thus relieve us of many decisions on developments, processes, control mechanisms and standards.

It is important to have our own technology base and European Cyber Security Technology, as this will massively change and shape our future lives. Otherwise, we will lose control over the technologies being developed, decisions being made and conclusions being drawn which for example are increasingly being made by autonomous machines.

At first glance, this sounds all too tempting, but on closer inspection, it can have a massive  disadvantage. The price we pay for some digital innovations is accompanied by an enormous loss of transparency and freedom of choice. These cuts also affect the storage and security of data, such as credit checks, social ratings or perception management, which can be used to manipulate public opinion ahead of elections.

Taking back control

We must not subject our lives, our fates to these technologies without being asked and without having a say, without having the chance to understand how they work. Europe needs to take back control. We can only achieve this, however, if we have a strong technology base, which we control and own.

At the moment, however, the USA and Asia clearly set the tone when it comes to technology. They control more than 90% of all tech companies. In this global comparison, Europe and Africa are almost equally strong. That makes Europe a developing country from a technological perspective. That is why it is about time Europe changes its role in today’s technology landscape – from consumer to creator and driver of innovation when it comes to technology and cyber solutions. In this context, we must also bear in mind the increasing threats, the dangerous gray areas of digitalization and the risk of failures of prevention systems and critical infrastructures. This makes comprehensive cyber risk detection unavoidable. This was the primary motivation for us as a company to create our own technology base for Cyber Risk Detection almost ten years ago.

Since then, we have helped companies create transparency and understand their risk landscape as well as identify threats early to regain control of all systems and secure their digital journey. We want to continue along this path in the future. To achieve this, we had to transform as a company: from a pure service provider of Europe’s largest Cyber Defense Center and Detection Services to a producer of Cyber Risk Detection Technology who stipulates and shapes developments. If we want to achieve this goal, we need a clear position, vision and innovative strength. As Radar Cyber Security, we contribute to Europe’s digital independence.